10 Websites for Photographers to Make Money Online


Internet world has made this Era as Global Village. We are 24/7 contacted to Family Members from East to West, From Australia’s Lizard Island Beaches to Canada’s Pigeon Lake ; we are just a button away to contact between each other. Technology has made our Life’s so easier that we have to believe in 80% … Read more

Writerzen: an AI-Based Writing Model – All You need to know

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TRON Blockchain – How It Uses Consensus Mechanisms to Secure Its Blockchain

Blockchain technology has been growing since Bitcoin started its journey in 2009. Blockchain is spreading more into many business industries for decentralised and secured mechanisms.  Blockchain technology refers to storing information in blocks digitally. It’s a decentralised and distributed digital database system connected to multiple nodes in a computer network. In a blockchain, individual blocks … Read more

How To Uninstall Programs In Windows 11?

Uninstalling unwanted or corrupt Apps in the Windows 11 PC is the best way to increase efficiency. These will be a great way to clean the disk space on the device. There are many reasons for uninstalling the programs from the PC or laptop. Sometimes, you no longer need to use these apps or looking … Read more

Tips to Humanize AI-Generated Content for Better SEO Ranking

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized content creation, offering efficiency and speed. However, to ensure that AI-generated content resonates with human audiences and ranks well on search engines, it’s essential to humanize it. Here are 10 tips to achieve this: 1. Personalize the Content Adding a personal touch to AI-generated content can make it more relatable … Read more

7 Effective Prompts to Maximise Your Google Bard Experience

One of Google’s most impressive AI tool BARD is an advanced language model that can produce natural-sounding text in a wide range of languages. Poems, essays, and even complete stories can be generated by it. However, many users may be unaware of BARD AI’s complete functionality. In this article, we’ll look at seven smart suggestions for … Read more

Google Bard AI and the Future of Journalism: Impacts on News Reporting and Media Ethics

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